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Will it just be our group in the room or do others join us? 


We like to give you our full attention so when you book a room you will have exclusive use of our whole premises. You will be the only group in your room and in the building. e. I


I would like to change my room, is this possible? 

I am not sure which room to book - can I decide on the day? 


As we only operate one booking per session you will have access to all our rooms therefore you are very welcome to change the room choice on the day. 


Do you have any live actors or jump scares in your rooms? 


No, we do not use live actors or jump scares. One of the rooms contains some plastic 'bugs' but that's as scary as it gets! 


Can children take part?  as


Yes, we do not have an age limit. Children can join in as part of a group. There is always plenty for them to do from looking for clues to helping to put key/codes in locks. Our youngest player so far was only 9 months old! We wouldn't recommend our room 'Shackled' for children due to the theme and one of the clues being a bit graphic. 


Can children do this unaccompanied as a birthday party?

We have had children take on rooms with friends - what an ideal birthday party! Our 'hinthelper' can see and hear them in the room and can offer support through hints. We would suggest a minimum age of 12+ if children are going in alone. An adult must remain on our premises. Let us know if you're celebrating a birthday so we can pop some decorations up for you! 

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